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About Us

Top Bell Web Design was officially started in 2005 but has been in the works for years. Founders Adam Sacks and Jeremy Hammond began working on websites and graphic design in early elementary school when the internet was just getting big. Using just Microsoft Pain and AOL 3.0 they began making websites for things they were into at the time such as video games and wrestling leagues and bands.

As they grew up and progresses through the schooling system, technology progressed with them. Taking classes in computer science and graphic design they saw their skills as webmasters and graphic designers greatly increase as they made their transition from middle school to high school and eventually to college.

Upon entering college they decided to start a student run web design company for some supplemental college student income. Alas, Top Bell was born.

They started small just making websites for friends web-stores and bands, they began responding to web design posts. As projects began piling up they decided the company would have to grow by incorporating more staff across a larger area range to maximize productivity and allow all of our clients to have the personal one-on-one customer support they deserve.

Joining up with friends across the New York City and Tri-State area they would create a student based web design team that would eventually span across the country.

Top Bell would grow to become a symbol of quality web design service that anyone could receive due to their below-market pricing rates and excellent customer support.



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