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Happy Holidays from everyone here at Top Bell. Alot of our staff are away visiting family or on vacation for the holiday season and New Years which has left a few of us struggling to catch up all of our work.

But, have no fear as everyone is gone from my apartment and I have to stay and feed my cats so I have had tons of alone time to sit down and take care of a bunch of work that I normally would have been distracted from if everyone was around.

As of now we are pretty much caught up with all work as any of our newer projects have yet to be fully began so we have no promised demo pages or sample graphics to make for those yet until we sit down with the clients to decide what the clients want the sites to look like.

Tomorrow I will be sitting down and putting together hundreds of DVDs for a fitness video, creating hundreds of buttons for a band and working on coding a website so all of the marketplace options work so the client can start raking in the dough. Of course I will be going out in the evening for New Years when everything is done.

That's all for now, take care and have a happy and safe holiday season and New Years.

Adam Sacks
Top Bell Co-Founder



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